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Jonathan Bowen

Jonathan Bowen


Where I've Lived
  • Born in Charleston, West Virginia in 1984
  • After going through my toddler years, in 1988 we moved to Hillsborough, NJ for my father's new job opportunity.
  • Just three and a half years later, my father had a new job opportunity and we moved to Sheldon, Connecticut.
  • The corporate work environment became exhausting, and just 10 months after moving to Connecticut my father was transferred again.
  • In 1993, we moved to Freehold, NJ where I would spend the rest of my youth growing up.
  • I graduated high school in 2002, and moved to Greensboro, North Carolina for freshman year of college.  
  • North Carolina was a lot of fun and I left a year later with a 3.9 GPA.  I decided to return to New Jersey, and moved to Long Branch to finish college.
  • For two years, I lived with two friends of mine in a rental house on Wall Street in West Long Branch next to the Welsh Farms Convenience Store.
  • To finish college, I had a winter rental at the Renaissance on the Ocean in Long Branch with one roommate.
  • After graduation, I moved to the Sea Verge Building in Long Branch on the beach with a friend of mine and his girlfriend for three years.
  • After my friend and his girlfriend moved out of Long Branch, I continued to live by myself at the Sea Verge for two more years.
  • In 2011, I moved to Red Bank and lived in an apartment off of Spring Street for almost two years.
  • For the last four years I have lived in Red Bank on Monmouth Street.

Where I've Worked
  • Landscaping and Household Chores -- Growing up my parents gave my siblings and me were given responsibilities each week to earn our allowance.
  • Painted and Handyman Work -- One summer, I painted someone's deck to earn money for Nintendo.
  • Electrician Assistant in Monmouth Beach -- Summer college job, I helped a licensed electrician complete local residential electric projects.
  • Appliance Installation for Riteway Plumbing & Electric -- I was responsible for installing appliances for large retailers like Boscov's.
  • Bus Aide for Jameson Bus Company -- I assisted handicapped children on and off the bus for summer school/camp.
  • Telemarketer for Metro Marketing -- I sold chiropractic services over the phone.
  • Staples -- I experienced every aspect of the retailer including customer service, cashier, printing services, electronics, shipping & receiving, and more.
  • Construction Management -- I managed crews of contractors and laborers who were renovating investment rental houses in Trenton, NJ.
  • Warehouse Management -- I helped a friend, who I met working at Staples, start a medical records warehouse and was responsible for warehouse inventory systems and inquiry retrieval and delivery.
  • Private Driving Company -- In college, I started a private driving company and would be contracted  for driving by business owners and wealthy individuals who owned limos and passenger cars
  • Bartender -- In college I got my bartenders license and worked at the Quay in Sea Bright.  The restaurant has since been bulldozed, and I realized I like being at the bar more then working at it.
  • Bouncer -- For a short time period, as a favor to a friend, I was a bouncer at Jack's Goal Line Stand in Long Branch.  
  • Residential Real Estate -- I got my real estate license in 2005 and started with residential real estate like my father.  I worked at RE/MAX Champions, Conover Agency, and Weichert Realtors of Ocean.
  • Investment Real Estate -- After starting with residential sales, I wanted to experience commercial/investment real estate.  I worked for The Kislak Company working with apartment building sales, and ERA Statewide Realty working with foreclosures and bank owned real estate.
  • Financial Advisor -- When the banks collapsed and real estate was slow I decided to get my Series 7 license and Series 63 license to sell stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.
  • RE/MAX Generations, Family Office -- My father decided to open the RE/MAX Generations office in 2011, and I transferred my license shortly thereafter.

  • Graduated Errickson Elementary School 1995
  • Graduated Barkalow Middle School 1998
  • Graduated Freehold Township High School in 2002
  • Attended University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Licensed Bartender in 2003
  • Licensed Realtor in 2005
  • Graduated Monmouth University in 2006

  • Father's Parents (Grandma and Grandad) -- My Grandma passed away in the early 2000s, but my Grandad is still with us and lives in a senior care facility in Virginia.
  • Father's Siblings (Aunt Susan and Uncle Larry) -- Aunt Susan and Uncle Larry live near and help care for Grandad in Virginia.  Susan & Larry have two children, my only cousins, Josh & Jennifer.
  • Mother's Parents (Mommaw Jane and Poppaw) -- Mommaw Jane passed away in 2016, but Poppaw turns 91 this year and lives at Applewood in Freehold.
  • Mother's Siblings (Uncle Al and Auntie Robin) -- Uncle Al and Auntie Robin live in North Carolina and do not have any children.  They live near Auntie Robins family in Raleigh.
  • My Parents (Ed and Melanie) -- My parents were high school sweethearts and been married most of their lives.  My father has a degree from Virginia Tech, an MBA from NYU, and worked in corporate America until he started his real estate career in 1998.  My mother has a degree from West Virginia University, and other then taking a break when my sisters and me were younger, has been a teacher her whole adult life.
  • My Older Sister and her family (Lindsey and Vinny Hennessey) -- Lindsey has a degree from Stockton University and has been married to Vinny since 2016.  They have no children together, but Vinny has three boys: Jacob, Bobby, and Lukas.  Lindsey works helping handicapped adults find employment.  Vinny has a degree from Elmira College and works as a part of the Red Bank Real Estate Group.
  • My Younger Sister and her family (Kathryn and Tyler Groh) -- Kathryn has a degree from Westchester University and has been married to Tyler since 2012.  They have a son, Connor, together and live in Massachusetts.  Kathryn works as a rental/leasing agent for Toll Brothers and Tyler works as a senior sales manager for Sherwin Williams.

•Born in West Virginia in 1984.  
•Single, love the beach, traveling, eating, drinking, golf, working, working out, love monmouth county.
  • Member of NHS, played basketball and baseball up until sophomore year of high school.